We are in the last quarter of the year AND the decade. After the week I have had, hell, the month, year as well, I think this would be the perfect time to draw up an accountability checklist. Many of you are not going to like it, because it puts your life into perspective and makes you wonder what the hell have you been wasting your time on…

This is all about your life accounts, and nothing to do with your finances. Sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and take a long look at the past 10 years of your life:

Are you at peace with the world ©FrogDiva Photography

* Name at least three people you have helped improve their lives
* Lives you have saved
* Situations you have rescued
* Causes you have supported
* Community service you have been involved in
* People you have given purpose to
* Ways you have improved the work space
* Colleagues you have supported and helped to grow

* Top achievements
* Legacy for the next generation
* Your mark on on this world
* Ways in which you have grown as a person
* Ways in which you have grown as a professional
* Where you have failed
* Where you regressed
* What you gave up too soon
* Where fear / cowardice held you back
* Biggest risks taken

* Skills learned
* Continuing education
* Career development / promotions
* Career stagnations
* Career failures
* Work and play balance
* Fears of growing old
* Do you fear death?
* Insights into loneliness

* What you have learned about respect
* People you have failed
* People you have uplifted
* People you have isolated
* People you have destroyed
* Insights gained into friendship
* Insights gained into trust
* Insights gained into self-respect
* Respect earned

* Ways in which your faith has strengthened
* Ways in which your faith has weakened
* Values that became irrelevant
* New values

* Your greatest triumphs
* Your greatest losses
* Your greatest failures
* Your biggest regrets?

What is your life purpose?

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