When Wearing Green Is Not Always A Froggy Good Idea

My favourite colour is blue, but looking around my home, there is clear evidence of the contrary. The strong presence of a vast frog collection and the veritable jungle have stamped green as the strongest colour around. And because I believe in colour coordination, green became the main decorative tone, including for the choice of certain utensils or assorted electrical items. The coffee machine is green, and so is my mixer!

Froggy Coffee? ©FrogDiva Photography

As you can well imagine, there are 50 shades of green among my clothes as well, and for all seasons as well! When choosing my wardrobe for a long bus ride out of town this morning, my hand drifted instinctively to the greens, and I thought I was ready to face the world. Then I remembered I was traveling with FlixBus, and realised that the shade of green I had chosen would make me look like one of the bus drivers. So back to black it was, but I did keep the green shawl. My water bottle, however, was the exact shade of FlixBus green and was a perfect match to the bus driver’s thermos.

I have spent all my life travelling in style, by air, chauffeur-driven cars, first class compartment on trains, and so on. You get the picture. But it was always on someone else’s tab. Now that I have to scrimp on every cent, I parted ways with the luxury travel and discovered the joys (or not) of long-distance buses. It takes twice as long as a train ride, but is perfectly comfortable, as long as I don’t have to go to the loo!

Todays FlixBus trip was one of the most peculiar ones though. The driver uncharacteristically announced a set of instructions prior to departure, pointing out that this was one of the reserve buses, (aka older ones) and hence not equipped with wifi onboard. He insisted that everyone switch their phones to silent mode, and phone calls were not encouraged. Hmmm… no eating of warm aromatic (smelly?) food either, no barfing in the aisles, the toilet on board was only for peeing and if you had to poo, it was mandatory to hold it until the next pit stop. Geez. He did have a sense of humour from time to time, but the prolonged announcements that borded on being sermons, were a bit much.

Much as miss driving or even road-tripping by car, today made me realise that I would miss out on a lot in terms of peculiar bus drivers or friendly train conductors if I got back behind the wheel!

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