Scaffolding: Invasion of Personal Space

I resent being told what I can or can’t do, and this has nothing to do with following rules and regulations. Impingement of my freedom of choice, decision-making power, opportunity for growth, and privacy is a no-go, and it has taken me decades to come to this point. I am still learning the ropes about standing my ground as an independent woman, and for the life of me I cannot engage in a loud discussion or argument, so when my personal space is invaded and endangered, my first instinct is to panic. Once my brain decides to kick my senses in the ass, I summon the courage to move forward and somewhere along the way I get angry – at myself and the source of my affliction.

The obnoxious scaffolding work resumed last week on the side of the building and I dreaded the day they would move to the back. Well, guess what? This morning while having my breakfast with the cats we all stopped chewing and looked up. There were wooden planks and metal bars being carted up to our level and two loud, scruffy looking burly men were meticulously calculating where to start. Champagne dove for cover, I haven’t seen Lolita in over an hour, and Cherry has put on her angriest squish face. So I closed the blinds to my bedroom window, which is exactly where they were at, and went around the rest of the flat closing all the windows. I can’t even say I look forward to going to the office because there is a major construction on in front of the building there and the jackhammer has been driving me absolutely nuts since last week.

The loud voices intensified and next thing I knew there were two men bending into my little balcony. So I opened the door to find out what was going on. part of the scaffolding had to be placed in my balcony but they were having an issue with the cat safety net. One wanted to remove it and I was adamantly against it because of my cats. So they compromised and asked permission to rip a small hole in the net just enough for the bars to be fit through. The hole is a decent size that an be easily sewn back together, I’ll give them that. But then the drilling in the wall began and the cats lost it.

I am not the only person in the building with cats, and I found out from the workers that as long as the scaffolding is up the cats are not allowed out anyway. The last thing the workers need are a bunch of cats prancing around from level to level (the cats would love that, believe me), just when we all got through the bird issue.

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