Scaffolding: The Ornithologist Has Spoken II

If you remember the previous blog on the subject, The Ornithologist has Spoken, you might be wondering what has become of the situation with the sparrows and swallows. Well, they apparently got the eviction notice, because in the middle of my breakfast this morning I heard loud drilling on the main building wall. Now there´s a sound I really didn’t miss at all, and I was grateful to have to leave the house. The three cats were less than amused to hear the obnoxious sound as well, with the usually calm Lolita almost jumping out of her skin.

The saga continues

So here is the deal: last time I wrote, the word was that no further construction work could take place until all the nests were empty, the young birds had flown away. We were talking about 22 nests that could not be disturbed, so now I learned that there were a total of 30 nests, 22 belonging to the swallows and the rest to the sparrows. The return of the killer drill this morning was a clear indication that all the nests were empty and the young birds had passed their flying tests, but there is a catch.

Considering the fact that we are living alongside a nature reserve and that it is the ministry of environmental protection that wields the real power, we are now obliged to provide replacement housing for the birds for the next mating / nesting season. I couldn’t believe my ears! We are now supposed to distribute 30 bird houses around the building for them to choose from next season. I just had to wonder whether they would also be required to submit application forms, proof of identity, residency permits, police clearance, and bank statements … what currency will the down payment be in? Euro seeds Worm Sterling?

There is not a single dog owner in the building, but there are several of us with cats, and guess whose cats are going to be thrilled about birds moving in!

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