Photographs often speak louder than words, especially in Lolita’s case. I just got off the phone with the animal shelter after reporting in on the condition of Cherry and Lolita. One month later, this cancer patient, tumour-ridden 12-year-old is charming, eats more than the other two cats put together, and purrs like a Harley Davidson!

This is what we started with, taken the day I picked her up from the shelter:


and this is Lolita now, one month later.

Relaxed and healthy©MTHerzog

Just look at the clarity of her eyes, the beauty that shines through. She still has a long way to go, but what makes me happy is to share these photos:

Nap time with an old friend ©MTHerzog

She has rediscovered her relationship with Cherry

Bonding time ©MTHerzog

and is cautiously forging a friendship with Champagne.


So here’s to that old life she left behind – and onward she fights!