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Weekends with my human

When your human works most of the week, evenings and weekends become extra special times for me. I miss the days when Mom worked in her home office and I could find her around the house any time of the day to ask for a snack or a cuddle. Now I get to have her

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Travelling in Style

I never have a say in the matter when it comes to choosing the manner of travel. Not that I really give a crunchy treat about it, the main thing for me is to get out of the house with Mom and be on an adventure. And my travel pack makes all the difference. When

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Divas Prefer Silk

I am told diamonds are girl’s best friend, but if you ask me, silk is the only way to go. Diamonds get in the way when I have an itch and I can never get comfortable with the glittery collars. When I travel, I glam up to meet and greet all the curious humans we

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