Travelling in Style

First Class only ©FrogDiva Photography

I never have a say in the matter when it comes to choosing the manner of travel. Not that I really give a crunchy treat about it, the main thing for me is to get out of the house with Mom and be on an adventure. And my travel pack makes all the difference.

When I first travelled around town with Mom back in the good old Manila days, we had a car and a driver, which meant a regular box carrier sufficed. The door was left open and I could come and go as I pleased. My preferred seat was on top of my carrier so I was at window level and could look out. Can’t even begin to tell you how many drivers in the cars next to us, or motorcycle riders, almost crashed when they saw me. What is the big deal about a Persian cat lounging on the back seat of a car looking out?

Ever since we moved to Berlin, however, we commute on public transportation so I got a bubble backpack – and love it! It is snug enough to stay warm in winter, but also airy enough to remain cool in summer. When we travel long distances by train, I get to lounge outside as well and watch the sceneries. Although, I have to admit, watching people on the train is more interesting for me, especially when they stop to greet me. The senior citizens are the friendliest, followed by the children who are often too shy to ask if they can say hello. So far we have only had one incident with a human who was allergic to me.

The seats in First Class on the train are the best. It is quiet and we have enough space to manoeuvre. Travelling in and around Germany is relatively uneventful, but in Italy I somehow draw a lot of (loud) attention from all ages, and then the trip becomes a bit of a circus. Even walking around the Italian cities is adventurous because I never know who is going to end up following us just to peer into my bubble pack. We once had an entire busload of Chinese tourists stop behind us to photograph me. Geez, maybe I should start charging a professional fee!

Meowingly yours,

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