Weekends with my human

When your human works most of the week, evenings and weekends become extra special times for me. I miss the days when Mom worked in her home office and I could find her around the house any time of the day to ask for a snack or a cuddle. Now I get to have her a few minutes in the morning and some hours in the evening, but even then have to share her with my other housemates.

I am a spoiled diva who got used to having exclusive time with her forever-home-family, but when my humans decided to live separate lives, I felt the loss as well. I am told that I got lucky and wasn’t embroiled in an ugly custody battle, which tends to happen with a lot four-legged family members. The unlucky ones among us are given up for adoption if nobody wants them anymore, or abandoned. I got to stay with Mom, which meant a lot of travelling for me and poking my little nose in a lot of moving boxes.

I may not always understand humans, but I do share a special connection with Mom, who understands me more than anyone else. So when I had trouble adjusting to having housemates last year, she had the sense to close the bedroom doors at night and let me have the whole night with her. Even if she is fast asleep, she will wake up nevertheless if I get up for a drink or a snack, and we bid each other good night when I go back to sleep.

Weekends, however, are great. First of all I get to tag along to the tennis courts and watch. On days when there are dogs in the other courts I have to stay under the umpire’s bench and keep quiet. I tried scrambling up the fence once, and managed to make it under the tarp before she caught me, so it was fun. Otherwise the other players like to meet and greet me, and I will not deny enjoying an adoring public.

More than that, it is just different having mom home all the time, even if I don’t need anything. She comes up with interesting activities from time to time that spice up the day. I like it the most when she decides that the furniture needs to be re-arranged, then the whole house is turned upside-down and I get to ride on the sofa. So for any humans out there reading this, listen to your four-legged family members who need exclusive time with you on weekends!

Meowingly yours,

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