Divas Prefer Silk

Only silk will do ©FrogDiva Photography

I am told diamonds are girl’s best friend, but if you ask me, silk is the only way to go. Diamonds get in the way when I have an itch and I can never get comfortable with the glittery collars. When I travel, I glam up to meet and greet all the curious humans we encounter along the way, especially on the train, where people stop and talk to us or peek into my travel pack.

Each time I get a bath, a dose of perfume (my favourite is Hermes but I will put up with Bvlgari) and then the scarf I know something special is about to happen. If all I get is a brushing and the regular harness, it is off to the tennis courts or the lake. But silk always means exotic adventures to faraway places.

Mom and I are not the type to wear matching outfits, and thank goodness she have never considered putting a costume on me – she tried a t-shirt once, as per vet’s orders, because I had broken out in a rash, but I hated it so much I pood on every bit of furniture around the house until she took it off. So much for the ordinary t-shirt look… but we do believe in a touch of elegance here and there.

When I stepped out in Rome, Florence, Prague, and Munich, Mom packed my best silk scarves, and I am proud to say that even the hotel staff was happy with me. Unlike some of the uneducated canines, I kept quiet in the dining halls and politely smiled at everyone when we checked in. Caviar? No thanks. Venison in extra sauce served in a bohemian crystal bowl please. Oh, and no seafood flavours in the dry food.

Meowingly yours,

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