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Pass The Champagne, Hold The Aging!

It was a long wait for both my cat Champagne and myself, but the three months separation finally had its happy ending. Two-and-a-half weeks ago I flew to Manila, my flight timed with the end of Champagne’s 90-day quarantine, to pick her up. The results of the Rabies Tither blood test done in Australia were

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Anonymous Applications: Invite Anna, not Ismail – By Dr. Claus Hecking

  (Translated by Theresa Herzog, with permission)  The original article in German was published in Der Spiegel on 22 June, 2017 Discrimination in the workplace and housing market is normal in Germany. Anonymous applications could change this – but companies are shying away.  Discrimination can be found almost everywhere where people find themselves having to

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Lessons From A Spider Plant

My mother always had spider plants (chorophytum comosum)in her garden no matter what country we lived in. The only time she stopped having them was when we moved back to the Philippines and the ubiquitous spider plant was replaced by endless orchids, and my father got entangled with a jasmine plant that he cared and nurtured

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