Three-Minute Mocha

Timeless ©FrogDiva Photography

Without realizing it, the battery had run out on my watch and I thought I had 20 minutes to kill before my scheduled appointment yesterday. It was cold, windy and I was in no mood to go window shopping. The next best option was to pop into a little Turkish cafe where I hang out regularly when in the area. It has recently been renovated, although the staff remains just as grumpy, and a few new touches have been added that elevate the mocha to an existential moment in a cup.

When I sat down to sip the thick brew in peace and quiet, rejoicing the fact that had time to savour both the drink and the moment, I pulled out my phone and only then did I realise that my watch had stopped. I had, indeed only three minutes left!

Imbibing a good mocha is one of those things you cannot rush, at least I refuse to. A proper Turkish mocha always has a touch of mud in it, which means the residue at bottom of the cup is high enough to plant an orchid in it! In many places you get more coffee than chocolate, and for the inexperienced or ignorant, you end up with more chocolate than coffee. Both versions make me grumpy, but when you find out where to get a good mocha in town, you pinpoint it on your phone and memory! Naturally, the perfect presentation is always with a slice of Turkish Delight, a glass of water to wash down the mud, and a few pistachios. In this case I got the premium upgrade of walnut and candied almonds as well.

Three minutes, I found out, are just enough time to scald my tongue with the delicious mocha and gobble down the treats. Just as well that the Turkish Delight they gave me that day was not my favourite one, so the small portion was not too tragic. But here´s the insight I took away from the mocha: if it is meant to be savoured, then take the time. I rang the bell four minutes later than expected, but the delay was worth it. As St. Thomas Aquinas reminds us today, live in the present moment, not stuck in the past or worried about the future, but in the grace given to you here and now.

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