The Cherry Diaries: Full House

Dear Diary,

I can’t really claim that it has been a calm, quiet and restful time in my life. In fact, it has been anything but that! First of all, I have discovered the magical world of gardens, Mom’s garden, that is. This is something I’ve avoided for the longest time, simply because I don’t understand the concept. Most of my time has been spent in flower pots and balconies, that is what garden means to me. Then suddenly we move here and there is all this… uh… space, for lack of a better word. Trees? What do you DO with them? Then the next thing are the damn stairs, which are not easy for my short, stumpy ballerina legs.

Here’s the thing though, when Mom is down there, everyone else follows, so there is no-one left up here to chill with. So I decided to pull up my old lady… ehem… my mature female fluffy pants and brave it to find out that the fuss is all about.
Oh my catwalling gods!
It’s a whole new world down there! It finally all makes sense to me, why the Breakfast Club keeps hanging out there. I am definitely too old to run and jump like some of them do, and prefer to lounge like Cheddar does, but there is so much to discover.

We have house guests again, and this time the feline kind. Dorotka and Matylda are back. They seem to have a short memory because it took them two days to adjust and remember where everything is, but oh boy have they turned my world upside down. They are all over the place now and no matter where I go or turn, they are always there, or zoom ahead of me. My toilet is no longer my own and have to sometimes wait my turn. We have two, but for some reason we all prefer the upstairs one. Even the furniture in the living room has been taken over by these two. My pal Xico was the one waiting outside with Mom when they arrived, and his expression said it all for both of us.

The other night Mom forgot to close the bathroom window, and that of course is always an open invitation for Xico scramble in. Well, we were all getting ready for bed, and I took my sweet time pottering around in the kitchen. When I reached the bedroom, horror of horrors, Mom was surrounded by three cats who had taken over the bed, MY bed! The girls growled at me and Xico was all sprawled out, hogging quite a bit of space for himself. So I went back down and slept on the rocking chair.

It has been rather windy outdoors, in spite of the sun, and the temperatures have dropped again below 20c here in the Shire. But spending time outdoors is the only way to get some peace and quiet around here for now. The hissing has diminished, but we are not about to all snuggle up on the sofa together.

Oh, I almost forgot, let me introduce you to another member of the Breakfast Club. Mom finally managed to take his picture with the camera. He is too shy and nervous for her to get up close with the phone, so she had to use her zoom lens. Meet Franky (apparently named after some singer called Old Blue Eyes…) and no, his eyes are not photoshopped, they truly are that mesmerising.

So, that is all my fuzzy brain can write for now.
Meowingly yours,

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