The Cherry Diaries: My First Fight

Dear Diary,

Well, as it turns out a lot of humans liked what I had to say yesterday in the Guest Blog so Mom decided to revive the Cat Diaries. Two of my predecessors had their own blog series (The Mulan Diaries and Champagne Tales) but unfortunately the authors have since crossed over to the Great Sofa in the Sky. Let’s hope I get to have little more time. I mean, both of series were pretty adventurous, especially when Mulan was lost by the airlines in India, and then Champagne with all her fancy travelling with Mom around the globe. She had her own Instagram and Facebook account that one, hurrmph! All I got was a guest appearance on Mom’s now defunct Instagram and a few other photography platforms. Yeah, yeah, I won an award or two, and always wanted a bit more of the spotlight, but Lolita and her dementia outshone me. My time to hog the limelight has come.

We slept in a little later today, it being Sunday and all. Mom got up at the usual hour but went back to bed. Crikey, I had to wait a while for my breakfast! On the other hand, so did the peasants outside, so justice was served – or in this case, nothing was served. Mom got up eventually and while she busied herself with making us our Sunday brunch, I went out to inspect the terrace. It is my duty ensure that everything is in tip top shape and no riffraff has entered the premises, i.e. more the the usual suspects. The sky looked a tad suspicious and it was a bit colder and windier than usual but I braved it nevertheless. But then the clouds started to leak, and I got stuck outside, with no window or door open for me to hop back into the house. Human doors are the bane of my existence and today proved it.

I find it far too undignified to pound on the window like the peasants do, so I sat outside on the steps while the water leaked from the sky. Brrrr. Thank goodness for humans having a relatively high intelligence, almost at feline level at times, and Mom had the good sense to notice that I was stuck outside. Good thing she had my breakfast ready because I was hungry.

The rest of the day was spent snoring, what else? Until we went up to the rooftop terrace to press the black clicketyclackety thing Mom usually carries with her when going out. No, not the talking tin with a human voice but no face, well she had that one too. Anyway, she left the door to the meditation area open so neither of us noticed that someone had surreptitiously sneaked in. There are only two shameless suspects who do that, Xico, the dork who slept in the clean laundry after the rack tipped over, and T’Challa, who is nicer and at least possesses an iota of manners.

For once Xico was faultless. He wasn’t even around, which is rare because he tends to show up at the most unexpected moments and makes a royal pest of himself. I don’t like him, not only is he twice my size and at least six times heavier than me, but he is rude. Mom came down after the sun went to sleep behind the clouds, and sat at the computer. Much to our surprise, T’Challa marched into her office and registered a complaint. Yes, of course I was right behind her, growling as loud as I could, as is my duty. I tried to block her from moving to another part of the house and reached out to whack her on the head. Unfortunately, T’Challa has longer legs and got to me first. Oh for all the tuna in the world, why do I have to have such short legs?

After the first blow a scrimmage ensued, since I was not going to take any of this cat shit sitting down. Wow, I don’t remember if I have ever been in fight before, but I must have done something right and gotten a few whacks in blindly, because T’Challa headed straight for the door, with Mom hot on her heels, and asked to be let out. That was a first for all of us! As far as fights go, T’Challa 0, Cherry 1. I just hope I don’t end up in a fight with Xico though, that would just ruin my glamour and furdo, such as it is.

Not so Old Blue Eyes ©FrogDiva Photography

Before this whole catfight broke out, Mom was accompanied on the rooftop by some of the younger cats, who were actually angling for a free meal again, but kept quiet while Mom was busy with the clicketyclackety. And this is what we ended up with:

I think I earned myself an extra portion of dinner, wouldn’t you agree? All this fighting and fresh air gives me quite an appetite.

Meowingly yours,

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