Kissed By The Rain

It has rained only once since last night – and it didn’t stop until this afternoon! Cherry and I just sat in the living room and watched the rain for a while. It was almost surreal but unbelievably comforting. This morning, as expected, we woke up to more rain and I watched it most of the day through my office window.

By the afternoon even the clouds must have gotten tired, we had a break and I managed to grab a few shots. There is nothing more romantic than he tension of raindrops clinging on to leaves, uncertain of whether to let go, slide off or evaporate. These minutes reminded me once again that it is the little things in life that bring the greatest comfort. I have clovers in my flower pots! When I repotted the aloe vera and tried to rescue it shortly after moving in, I used the soil from several other pots. Lo and behold, a month later the aloe vera has recovered and the pots are all brimming with clovers. I briefly inspected the batches in search of a four-leaf one but none so far.

The clouds apparently decided to give the Shire an extended coffee break without rain but oh my goodness, what a spectacular light show it was at sunset! It would have been a crime not to be standing outside with a camera!

In chronological order:

Rain on the Horizon I ©FrogDiva Photography
ain on the Horizon II ©FrogDiva Photography
ain on the Horizon III ©FrogDiva Photography

There are only seconds between the first and second photos, after which I went back downstairs because it was cold and windy. But as I sat at my desk and looked out the window a few minutes later, I witnessed this peculiar mix of rain, sunset and clouds settling over the valley.

Kissed by the rain and snuggles from a cat, a front row seat at sunset over the Shire – what more could one ask for?

For the full collection of the Kiss Me in the Rain series click HERE

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