Cat + Candles = LED Candles Please

When Lolita, may she rest in peace, my little old grandmother cat with dementia, accidentally set herself on fire by swishing her tail over a candle few years ago, I thought it was just her potty mind at work. No cat of mine could possible be that clumsy! Alas, Lolita was, and although I hate to admit it, it was most entertaining. That particular evening Cherry just stared at Lolita go up in flames at the time and if she could have muttered something sarcastic, she would have.

Fast forward a few years, I now have a somewhat older Cherry who can space out or easily ignore things and land herself in trouble. I mean, most cats tend to do that at any age, but with Cherry it has been steadily increasing over the past months.

We spent a very cosy afternoon and evening yesterday and as the sun set behind the clouds, I lit some candles on the table. Madam sat across from me and decided to have a philosophical conversation about life and freedom (her life, and my freedom), but did not like any of my answers, so she turned around with a huff and swished her tail over the lit candles. It had been a while since I last smelled burnt cat fur and I suddenly remembered why I switched to LED candles in Berlin! Well, the time to do so here in Portugal has arrived, undeniably so.

Halloween is around the corner but I think I will skip the spooky decorations this year. All I need is my black cape and I am the perfect witch with all her magical cats in tow! There are three kittens outside that are always up to mischief, so they can be Huey, Dewey and Louie. Cherry can be the venerable fortune teller, and there are a few candidates for warlocks and wizards.

Look at this face of innocence… as if she could do no harm or set herself on fire!

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