35 and Counting!

I stared at my calendar this morning and wondered how on earth it can already be almost the end of July, and with it, the first half of 2022 basically behind us. Weren’t we just celebrating Christmas and ushering in the new year? Wasn’t is just yesterday that I scrambled to pack my suitcases and hop on the plane to Lisbon? Good grief how time flies! I can’t help but wonder what the second semester of 2022 has in store for us. More change, that is for sure.

As the old saying goes, nothing is permanent except change, and the older you get the tighter you hold on to the people who really matter in your life. This year, my two best buddies from university days and I celebrate 35 years of friendship and I couldn’t prouder! We have withstood the test of time, distance, separation, heartache, grief, agony, despair, fear, but also celebrated triumphant moments, shared endless laughter, gotten hopelessly (and happily) lost on road trips, and poured our hearts out over many a meal. I have no idea where I would be in life without my beloved SPGII and MLTU. I love you girls so much!

Ha! I say girls, and once upon a time we were indeed that when we met on our first day of college at the Ateneo back in 1987. Good lord some of the people I work with today weren’t even born yet! And now look at us, we are all golden girls! OK, OK, let’s not talk about being golden or vintage… instead, let us celebrate timelessness, because that is what our sisterhood is. We have always said that we are each other’s true family, and blood has nothing to do with it. Known as the ChopSueys among our other college friends, to each other we are the pillars that keep us grounded, the wings that help the other fly, and the reason we make it through the week, month, or year.

Once upon a time we agonised over class schedules, grades, job hunting, social pressure, bizarre diets, but 35 years later we laugh if we can get through the day without forgetting a meeting schedule, understand that grade our glasses have to be to read the texts, our jobs are to hunt the item we swore we just had in our hands, no longer care about social pressure, and find diets bizarre. The years have passed and by golly we have aged well!

I raise a glass to our friendship, to our shared past, our incredible present, and the exciting future ahead. Who knows where the roads will lead, and we will probably be just as geographically challenged next year, and worse in the coming years. We will replace earings for hearing aides, rings for canes, but never the treasured souls that we are to one another.

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