“The infinite is a light sleeper. The moment the self awakens, the force of the infinite begins to stir.”
— John O’Donohue.

Having the courage to change, start over and alter your destiny requires a certain fortitude that rarely comes a calling. So when it knocks, don’t hesitate, and answer that call. This particular visitor never returns, and it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don’t be that person who reaches retirement with a truckload of regrets, the proverbial “could have, should have, would have”. Be the one who reached the mountain top or breathtaking valley and shouted out I did it!

Awakenings I ©FrogDiva Photography

There is very little that will deter me once I set my mind to achieve something. Call me stubborn or call me determined, but I strongly believe in following through, not just for my sake but in order to give back to the universe and help others. Life can sometimes be a solitary journey for many of us, and there is plethora of circumstances that lead us to choose that particular road. But there are always fellow travelers who will help us up when we stumble, cheer us on when we find our stride, and pull us back when we are about to make a terrible blunder. Accept them in your life, they were sent for a reason.

Remember Sleeping Beauty? She was dormant for so many years but when she finally awoke, she was a transformed woman, ready to be a queen, leaving the traumas of the past behind, and ready to take on the world. That kiss that awoke her? It was the kiss of destiny and you can interpret Prince Charming any which way you want, but look beyond the trappings and uncover the true purpose of the presence. A force to reckon with, a catalyst.

The two years of isolation caused by the pandemic screwed with all our socialisation skills- albeit some people never had them! So it has been an interesting learning curve re-integrating and being social again. I remember thinking on my flight to Lisbon back in February OMG I had to face people again! What do I say? It all begins with Hello. Three months later, I have a regular Wednesday morning coffee buddy, have two invitations for gatherings this weekend, and someone I can share my troubles with. To a selected few I have even offered my nickname, and invited into my inner sanctum. Whether they understood the significance of the nickname I don’t know, but as long as I know that is all that matters.

Awakenings II ©FrogDiva Photography

Take a good look at the photograph above. It’s simple, uncomplicated, of no artistic merit, but it means the world to me and is what inspired today’s blog. Some of us may choose the less popular and more dangerous path, detached from the usual norms and learning to survive and thrive in more challenging circumstances. We took the risk and dared to be different, but allowed us more wiggle room and can spread out much more than those who remain confined.

The little plant on the sidewalk may not roots as deep as the others, and runs the risk of being yanked away at any given time, but that is what makes its life an adventure!

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