The Last 15 minutes (II)

I woke up this morning to rain, which is a lovely thing. I only wish I could have stayed in bed longer to enjoy it. Alas, duty calls and the clock was ticking. As it turned out, I was ready to leave almost half an hour before my train departure time, so I took my sweet time in walking over to the station to savour those last 15 minutes before sunrise. It was worth every minute, but let me start with what I managed to capture last night, the last 15 minutes before sunset.

The temperatures dropped yesterday with the arrival of the rains. So we have all set aside the casual summer attires and dug out jackets and umbrellas again. Sigh, and here I thought I could get through several months without long sleeves. Oh well, it is June after all, quite the volatile month here in Europe, regardless of whether you live in central Europe or the Iberian Peninsula. In any case, I sat on a bench at the train station this morning and listened to the rain coming down on the tin roof of the shed and thought to myself, It is going to be a day of blessings. I mean, every day is full of blessings and gratitude moments, but there is something about the rain that is full of promise. It sounds disgustingly positive and romantic, I know, but I promised myself that I would stop whining about the little rocks on the road and try to find the silver lining in it all. Not always easy, mind you, as I tend to uncover copious tin and aluminum before I find the silver!

Here are my Last 15 Minutes shots from this morning:

Dawn is breaking ©FrogDiva Photography
Where are we headed? ©FrogDiva Photography

It was just as well that I managed to somehow grab those shots, because those were the last 15 minutes of peace and quiet. The train ride into town this morning was unfortunately anything but relaxing. Someone let all the insensitive nincompoops loose on the train this morning, and I had a couple of fellow passengers who apparently have absolutely no respect for others’ space and need for silence.

The guy behind me had his phone blasting on various YouTube channels without headphones, the man in the aisle ahead got on without a mask, completely disregarding the mandatory mask rule for public transportation, and there was coughing left, right and center. Mr. No Mask was clearly not a local, and didn’t care one bit. So the first and last 15 minutes of the ride were sheer torture. Thankfully Mr No Earphones got off two stops before mine, and I got off before Mr. No Mask.

It is Friday, and I am desperate for the weekend to begin to catch up on some much needed rest. It’s been a tough week on many levels. I have to change rooms again tomorrow. The apartment I am supposed to move into is still occupied by the current tenant, who herself can’t move out because her new dwelling isn’t ready yet. It is a bizarre domino effect, and very trying on my patience, but I somehow have the feeling there is a reason for all this, so I will go with the flow. It made it this far already, no point in rocking the boat.

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