The Last 15 Minutes

I leave home 15 minutes before the street lights are switched off and have the Dawn all to myself.

Last 15 Minutes I ©FrogDiva Photography

The last 15 minutes before sunrise are my prayer with the skies , a time to be grateful for the void blessings and the serendipity of light.

Last 15 Minutes II©FrogDiva Photography

The last 15 minutes before I board the train are when I am most at peace, having had the night to process and unwind.

Last 15 Minutes III ©FrogDiva Photography

The last fifteen minutes of a dream are the most vivid. , when you float between reality and imagination, your senses heightened and spirit most receptive. These are my fountains of hope.

Last 15 Minutes IV ©FrogDiva Photography

NB: except for the first shot in today’s entry, all of the other images are SOOC, unedited and unapologetic.


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