Full Moon and Migraines III

Well, Mr. Full Moon did it again and brought me the mother of all migraines as a post-Valentine’s Day gift. Not exactly my idea of fun and games, as there was certainly no fun involved, and it was no game to plough through it this time.

I had an “aura” on Monday night already, and I took precautions, alas all to no avail. On Tuesday morning I could barely open my eyes from the pain and the nausea was unbearable. I tried my best to get up and have some food but lost the battle to toast. Going back to bed was the only remedy, but even then I was uncomfortable, tossing and turning until I found a way to keep still and minimise the pain. The moon phase was on the last day of waxing gibbous, and boy did it do a number on me.

To be perfectly honest, it was so bad I completely forgot my magnesium pills that I normally take for migraines, as prescribed by the neurologist. This time I went full on essential oil route, dousing my forehead, temples and nape with a strong dose of lavender oil. Note that I don’t particularly like lavender oil to begin with, but was desperate enough to use it this time. By the time Full Moon struck rolled around I was in agony and possessed no social quotient whatsoever.

Monster Migraines ©FrogDiva Photography

Not all Full Moons affect me this badly, but there is something about a winter moon that really pulls all the strings in my psyche. If I weren’t already menopausal, I would say that this was bordering on violent PMS, when some women go completely postal and psychotic. Werewolf genes perhaps? I don’t know, but I seem to only experience such acute migraines with a certain Full Moon combination.

I felt as though I was in a chapter of one of my stories, self-imprisoned in a dark room, alone with my morbid thoughts and violent tendencies. I’m not sure what is worse, a toothache or a migraine, suffice it to say that both render me completely helpless. There is an old wive’s tale about a purring cat being a good pain relief remedy, assuming you can get the cat to sit and purr on the right part of the body. Neither one of my grannies offered their services, but they were sensitive enough to understand that something was wrong, so they kept vigil over me.

I’m still riding the final waves of this migraine roller coaster, but as you can see, I am functional again, to some extent. It’s just not a good day to make executive and life-changing decisions.

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  1. I was just looking up info on full moons and migraines and came across your page. I’ve had the worst migraine in years today. Normally I can take my triptan and I’m good to go. Today it took two doses and was in bed with nausea/vomiting. Could barely eat. No fun! I’m getting closer to menopause but wow what I dealt with today was one for the record books. A big front came through this morning as well so sure that didn’t help.
    Thanks for sharing your story it helps me not feel so alone!

    1. Thanks for sharing Shannon. You are definitely not alone. Initially my migraines were affected by the weather, particularly low pressure areas. Cloudy days were not my thing. As I grew older and menopause creeped in, the moon cycles really kicked in, especially full moons. I thought I was nuts, but I did my research and it turns out I am not crazy or delusional after all! Magnesium is your best friend. Cheers, and be well

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