Full Moon and Migraines

It has been a while since I experienced such an intense migraine but yesterday took the cake. What began as a nagging headache that wouldn’t go away during the day escalated to a full-blown migraine by the time I reached home after work. While preparing dinner, I could barely see what I was doing but ploughed on nevertheless, thinking that a bit of food would do me good. Wrong. I couldn’t keep any food down, so the only recourse was to retreat into the darkness and close my eyes. It didn’t help much, and 20 minutes later I had a cold pack over my head.

Blood Wolf Moon Jan 21, 2019 ©FrogDiva Photography

It is rare that the migraine is this severe, and it truly caught me by surprise. The pain was so acute that I felt like ripping my head off just so the pain and the hammering would stop. I couldn’t even blame it on my blood pressure, which was elevated but not the cause of the migraine. Taking medicine was pointless, as experience has taught me, plus I was running on an empty stomach. So like any other challenge in my life, I just rode it out.

Hours later, after the loving care of my daughter, neck massages and herbal teas, I realised that I was reacting to the full moon. Call me werewolf if you wish, but studies have proven that there is a correlation between full moon and the hormonal shifts of women, especially those prone to migraines.

Click HERE to read more about it. From the astrology perspective, I am a water sign (Cancer), which makes me even more vulnerable to the moon. Trust me, the intensity of this migraine was as rare as the Blood Wolf Moon yesterday, and no fun at all but I would like to believe that this was an auspicious experience, signs of greater things to come.

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