Accepting the Woman in The Mirror (Part III)

When I was contacted by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) last September 2021 and informed that I would be featured for the November Faces of PPA campaign, I almost fell off my seat. It’s one thing to be promoted as a photographer based on my work, but quite another to feature my face in a magazine. I couldn’t very well turn down the honour and was thrilled to coordinate with the PPA team for the magazine.

Something was lost in the communication or I was probably too excited that I completely ignored the print magazine version, and understood that the feature on social media was it. HERE is the link to the Facebook feature which was indeed launched in November. Depending on your region, you should be able to see the post even if you don’t have a Facebook account.

Imagine my surprise when the mail arrived this weekend and in it was my copy of the Professional Photographer magazine, the monthly publication of PPA. By this time I had completely forgotten about the Faces of PPA feature, but when I turned to page 41, good grief, there was my FrogDiva Photography mug in full colour! Talk about transcendental experiences! This was a full transition from mug to mag, and a celebration for the woman who grew up hating her image in the mirror (see links below for the back stories).

I have my wonderful therapist to thank for this incredible journey of acceptance. She started me on the selfie project, and the baby steps of smiling at myself each morning. I have to admit, there is something about positive about home office and social distancing as I ended up spending time in front of the mirror experimenting with hair styles (in a desperate attempt to cut my own hair) and make-up (age appropriate). Almost three years into the project, I finally feel comfortable facing the camera, and didn’t cringe in self-loathing when I saw the magazine.

Yes, it is a feather in my cap as a photographer, but more importantly it is one more demon from the past put to rest.

I’m sharing the link to the digital version of the magazine, and I hope you are able to open it on your laptop or desktop. Unfortunately you won’t be able to see the feature on the phone, as the format is article specific.

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