Notes from the Wastelands: Binaural Beats and Essential Oils

After all those weeks of insomnia following the first COVID-19 vaccination I now find myself at the opposite end of the spectrum. I’ve been feverish, groggy and achy since the second shot (BionTech / Pfizer) and the jury is still out on how how I feel about it. The best way to describe it is as though the flu had a sordid affair with menopause while under the influence of toxins, and everything went south. Good Lord I feel awful, but am told this is a good thing because my body is absorbing the vaccine.

On the first night I was sleepy rather early by my standards, so I succumbed to the cravings of my body and went straight to bed and slept. For one hour. Crap. I was awake for two hours before I could fall asleep again for another 90 minutes. So yesterday was a bit hazy and I became anxious, hoping that this was not going to be a repeat performance of the previous month. Well last night I tweaked my essential oil sleeping mix and created a new playlist on my iTunes filled with binaural beats and sleeping music. I normally frown on such music but I was desperate, and at this point I figured it can’t hurt. I am adamantly against taking sleeping drafts and pills, and hate camomile tea, so I resort to what I feel comfortable with.

For the binaural beats I chose mostly delta and lower beta beats, mixed with a few new age sleeping sounds and music. It all resonates like the quintessential new age trip I know, but at this point I had nothing more to lose, and I’ve already lost my sanity once, something I do not wish to revisit or repeat. Word of caution when choosing delta binaural beats – if you are not into lucid dreaming then stay away from these particular albums.

Lo and behold, I slept six hours straight! Holy cow! I woke up and felt as though I had been run over by a fleet of buses, was burning up, thirsty and my arm was in pain. Much to my chagrin, my cats were happily snoring, they seem to like binaural music… I rolled over, re-applied some oil and wondered whether I would be able to fall asleep again. Well, I managed another two hours and now I feel like shit.

Nevertheless, in spite of my dazed (crazed?) state, I think I’m moving in the right direction and hope that the grogginess will eventually lift over the weekend. For those of you into essential oil mixes, here is my recipe

Essential oil mix for sweet dreams:
Lavender 25 drops,
cedar 20 drops,
bergamot 6 drops,
vetiver 6 drops,
slang-ylang 3 drops,
orange 3 drops.

Mind you, this is a pretty strong draft meant for a 5ml roller, so make sure the oils you use are organic and skin-friendly because you apply it on the temples, behind the earlobes, your nape, and the soles of your feet (I don’t subscribe to air diffusers for sleeping, plus lavender is not recommended for air diffusers if you live with cats). Bottom line: if you have no chronic sleeping issues and just want a gentle oil to fall asleep, ditch the bergamot, orange and vetiver.

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