Scam Alert: Phishing E-mail Claiming Copyright Infringement

Bloggers of the world beware! Much to my horror I received an email last night from a certain Stephanie Rosario via the contact page of my blog claiming copyright infringement of some images I had used.

This is a screenshot of said email:

Considering that it was past 23:00 when I read the mail and was about to go to bed, I almost fell off my chair in horror. My first reaction was to quickly scan all the images in my mind that I have recently used for the blog and realised that there was absolutely no basis for this claim since all the images I use are under my own copyright of ©FrogDiva Photography. Any others I may use are with permission or duly credited so I calmed down.

It is a good thing that I followed my instinct and didn’t click on the embedded link, but as I have read elsewhere, some unfortunately have. I reported this immediately to WordPress support, and discovered that this has been going around since last year. It seems lockdown has given scammers new ideas. Read HERE, HERE and HERE for other experiences and names being used.

I am furious, livid to say the least. I take great pride in my photography and will not stand for such accusations of copyright infringement. What makes me even angrier is the threatening tone of these scam emails, immediately accusing you of some dastardly dead. What goes around comes around, so I hope these scammers eventually see their day in court and karma bites them in their sorry ass.

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