Pandemic disappointments and other disasters

Now that IWD2021 is over, I get to whine again about things that are not going according to plan, beginning with the disastrous vaccination plan of the German government. Much as I enjoy life here and am grateful for the general efficiency of most government services, the handling of the pandemic and the COVID-19 vaccines has been utterly disastrous. When I listen or read the news each morning and compare the current situation to countries where the roll out has been anything but successful, I wonder what has gone so terribly wrong here? The government seems to be standing in its own way and being its own worst enemy.

Like many others living in Germany at the moment, I feel let down by a government that prides itself in quick response and efficiency, precision and protection. Ah, but customer service as fallen to the wayside , and it is a matter of pulling together every ounce of courage you can muster to put on a brave face and plough onwards.

You would think that with our Chancellor being a scientist herself the entire response to the pandemic would have been handled in a more efficient manner. Too many cooks spoil the brew and when politics gets in the way of healthcare and science, it is a recipe for the perfect disaster. Add to that a people that has a major chip on its shoulder about being told what to do, what they are not allowed to do, or to follow mandatory measures, you have a major administrative nightmare.

I cannot disguise my disappointment and frustration, hearing that one hurdle after another keeps cropping up and the rules for social distancing and lockdown keep changing every two weeks. For people like me who are job hunting, with very limited and dwindling resources, the challenge looms in the horizon to be able to continue in this manner. It is definitely not financially viable, and with most of the government offices operating on half staff, rotating teams doing home office, even the unemployment benefits are delayed.

We are entering into the 13th month of social distancing and lockdown here, with no prospect of respite and everyone’s patience wearing thin. As of this morning, the official tally of vaccinated people in Germany who have received the full dose 3.22%! Have a look HERE for a comprehensive overview of the vaccination process worldwide.

According to the original vaccination schedule my age group was scheduled between August 2021 and February 2022 for the first dose, which was already bad enough. With all the delays and confusion, endless political debates with the ubiquitous finger-pointing, I have no idea when my turn will actually come. You can’t sign up or walk in for a vaccine here, you have to be invited, but now they’re saying that instead of the vaccines being centralised in the vaccination centres, it will now be outsourced to the GPs.

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