Christmas Ads 2020 – Creativity sparked by a Pandemic

Are you also running out things to watch on Netflix and Prime Video? I know I am and find it positively revolting to be bombarded by all the Christmas romance movies and sequels that are popping up. Ugh. However, if there is one positive thing to take away from 2020 that would be the quality of the Christmas ads being churned out. Instead of the usual corny and nauseatingly sweet ads that are sometimes an insult to any emotional intelligence, this year flaunts some positively brilliant work.

Click HERE for the top Christmas ads in the UK and Ireland, and HERE for the top ads from agencies around the world, yes. there are some overlaps, but that is unavoidable for some companies. It’s a pretty impressive collection, all well worth the time you will end up spending on them. My personal favourite is of course the Disney ad featuring traditional Filipino values and the parol, the homemade Christmas lanterns. Disney breaks new ground with this by embracing the melting pot characteristics of modern America and many other western countries with Filipino immigrants.


A close contender to the top ad of 2020 that captures the current situation beautifully is this Irish commercial:

©The Pavillion

Naturally, the Germans are not far behind either. Check this year’s Milka offering:


Lockdown 2020 and the global pandemic has revolutionised the way we prepare for Christmas this year, taking all the restrictions into consideration. What is commendable is the foresight of all the ad agencies and producers to create spots that probably went into production around summer, uncertain of what the score would be like for Christmas.

It will be a difficult holiday season this year regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or none of the above. Social distancing has taken its toll on countless families around the globe and retailers have taken this into account, going out of their way to be sensitive to the times and tasteful in their efforts to boost morale. Even Coca Cola who is usually over the top in fantasy ads for Christmas, toned it down significantly with a major paradigm shift to human resilience and the lengths a parent will go through for a child.

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