A Return To PhotoPrayer

I know, there is no such word as photoprayer, that is a specially coined word for me by my mediation guru during a retreat in India about eight years ago. Up in the hills of Kodaikanal, tucked away in the mountains while I was on an Ignatian retreat, and as usual, I had my camera with me. At some point, the retreat master noticed that I spent much of my prayer time in the gardens with the camera and asked my why. My response was that I find photography very meditative, soothing to the soul, and having the camera in the hand when I am not on assignment or working on a project helps me think and pray.

Mushroom Prayer Wheel ©FrogDiva Photography

From that moment on, the prayer sessions were re-designed for me to include the camera and I have not changed that. So when I have storms raging through my soul, challenges to overcome or basically need to meditate but am too restless to sit still, I grab my camera. Some people turn to the rosary, or hold the comfort cross, perhaps even fiddle with a medallion of sorts, but not me.

The Flight of the Crabapples ©FrogDiva Photography

Short of writing this blog entry at 4:00am in the dark because the pain in my knee and my mind was racing at a gazillion miles an hour, I had a rotten night’s sleep. The cats gave me a dirty look when I got my camera out a 5:00am and set up in the kitchen. They mistook the opening of the fridge door for feeding time and eagerly awaited breakfast. They are still waiting. I got stuck in a mushroom prayer wheel and the flight of the crabapples.

I find it much healthier to turn towards photoprayer rather than eating or mentally blasting cities and immersing in imaginary scenarios. Even worse, creating a thousand checklists of things I have to prepare for.
Screw that.
The FrogDiva is ready to face the world again.
No, wait.
Breathe in.
Oh just hand me the darn camera.
What can I do with onions and eggs and a soft ligh?

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