Everything Peachy

Just peachy ©FrogDiva Photography

This lopsided bruised flat peach (Prunus persica ) is my inspiration for the day.

First the basics: this flat peach, as it is really called, has a more elegant name in German – Bergpfirsich (mountain peach) or the Plattpfirsich (flat peach). There is nothing elegant about it, neither the looks nor the taste, and I have to admit, I’m not a great fan. My daughter couldn’t quite understand my dislike for them until she asked me to describe what exactly bothers me – well, to me it is a fruit with a serious identity crisis.

When you bite into it, it is like biting into a tomato, chewing an apricot, but with a distinctly pear taste and the only thing gunning for the peach heritage is the exterior. I don’t know about you but I always feel cheated when I eat them, hence I rarely do, and absolutely refuse to call it a peach, so I re-baptised it to a topeareach. No, please don’t send me a kilo of these topeareaches, because they are utterly useless for baking as well.

It is so lopsided and does not posses an iota of symmetry, which makes is perfect for photographic target practice. I pulled out my small product studio and fiddled around for a while, frustrated with the general imbalance of it all. Ah, but therein lays the lesson. Are we not all a bit topeareachy? We have our bumps and bruises, lumpy on one side, unattractive on the other, and at one time or another, always out of place and struggling to fit in. What the world sees and and we choose to project is one thing, but what are true consistency is a revelation reserved only for the brave.

Let’s face it, when setting up a business, marketing a product, or applying for a job, we sell the peach, but once you get to the table, people discover that you are a pear inside with the sensitivity of a tomato. Whether this is a good thing or not, is really up to you and the party involved. Pass the napkins please!

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