Men and their Headgear

For the full collection of FrogDiva Photography’s Men and their Headgear click HERE

This is a project that is at least ten years in the making, a collection of photographs from my life while living in different countries. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to extract some images and group them according to theme. Much to my amusement, there was one particular pattern that stood out – you guessed it, men and whatever it is they choose to wear on their heads.

It is difficult to draw the line between adornment and protective gear as far as hats and turbans are concerned. Nevertheless, culture and purpose certainly play a major role and vanity only secondary.

Wearing your culture with pride is not something you do overnight. Rather, it is imbibed into your being, passed on by the forefathers and celebrated by society on a daily basis. Take the Rajasthani turbans for example – they are not worn simply to please to tourists, but they are a personal choice in terms of colour, size, and even the manner in which it is wound. There is strength and affirmation in the identity, and belief in the attire that goes beyond satisfaction of the man in the mirror.

Cultural heritage it to be worn with pride, be anchored in set of beliefs that build and not destroy or divide. I have been criticised over and over again for being “too Asian” or adhering to my Asian values in spite of living in Germany. Well guess what, I refuse to give up who I am just to please others or conform to the status quo. I am true to myself first of all, and who I am and my set of values is nobody else’s to destroy or tear apart.

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