The nauseating aftertaste of police brutality

It bothers me that the eyes of the world and the media are currently focused entirely on the American police brutality, when we should be taking a very close look in all other directions as well, such as Hong Kong, the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Bangladesh, South Africa, Germany, Greece, Italy, Russia, or Poland to name a few.

Here is a chilling list that will make any horror movie or novel look like a comic book, and another one.

What follows below are three videos of police brutality around the world. Let me very clear that what is currently happening in the USA is a mere drop in the ocean of a greater social plague unravelling worldwide. It is time to stand up and evaluate the values and procedures of the institutions empowered to protect the citizens.

The catalyst video was this one, published by Shaun King on Instagram, which then prompted me to look a little further.

The Telegraph
Ross Domoney
Political Owl

I could go on, but neither you nor I have the time to waste watching videos on police brutality when we should actively be doing something about it instead. It is time to question whether the problem lies in the training, in the recruitment procedures, or the law of the land itself. Something is very rotten in the state if the police, who swore to uphold the laws of the land, turn to such violence to do their jobs.

Nothing, absolutely nothing justifies the brutality.

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