A common feedback that I receive about my photography is that there is a lot of darkness involved, a fact that I will not deny. Yesterday was no exception, after I posted the photograph above on social media. Here’s the thing, the way we perceive things, situations, people and manifest them in our writing or photography are symbiotic. It is impossible, and a huge lie, to always post happy, cheerful sunny images because we are never, NEVER constantly happy and cheerful. Human that we are, there are good days and bad days, difficult days, days that seems eternal, and then those that make you feel that they will be utterly impossible to survive. I have been through all these and stood on the precipice far too often for my liking, but that is the darkness I live with.

Bloody©FrogDiva Photography

Then there is the light, that tiny ray that dispels the despair and helplessness, giving hope and courage for another few hours, days, weeks. or months. Sometimes the light is self-made, on other days the light is brighter because it has been brought to me by someone who cares. The lesson here is that darkness is temporary, like storms, and not intended to destroy, but to teach, and remind me to stop and re-evaluate. Light is constant, and if I experience darkness it is because I have chosen to block the light at that particular moment for whatever reason.

Navigating just between darkness and light is not possible either. Over the years I have come to realise that most of my life is spent in dawn or dusk, that strange transition time when I emerge from dark into light or light into dark. Either way, I believe all of these components belong in my photographs, regardless of whether my camera is pointed at the ocean, the clouds, a building, or a cat. At the end of the moment, the image will emerge from the soul’s perception.

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