Psalm 56:11

Psalm 56:11 ©FrogDiva Photography

“In God I trust, I shall not be afraid”
Psalm 56:11

The photograph today was taken when I was on my pilgrimage through Spain, the Camino Ignaciano. Fearless that I am, I set out the first time with no map, a GPS a dear friend thrust into my hands but I had no clue how to use, vague instructions on the route, a hunter’s knife in my backpack, and a truckload of faith.

Hell yes, I took a few wrong turns along the way, but thanks to those diversions I stumbled on scenes like this bridge. Faith and hope sit at the core of my soul, they define me, and are the foundation for my courage. If faith and hope happen to lead me down a different path that I set out on, I have learned to embrace it and let curiosity take the lead. Everything else will be taken care of by a sense of humour, the ability to let go and most importantly, learning when to let someone else make a fool of themselves instead of trying to solve the world’s problems on my own.

Self-care, I keep finding out, is much easier said than done. But the precious bridges in my life make all the difference, and diversions or digressions are often fortuitous if you allow them to be so.

I have taken many wrong turns in recent years, but as I was reminded this past weekend, it is not the number of times I fell that matter, but the number of times I got up again. Sometimes I was pushed, others I was tripped, but still I rose, and here I am.

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