02.02.2020 – what did it bring you?

Today’s date is all about numbers, with 02.02.2020 being the palindrome that has not occurred in the last 900 years, and the sheer concept blows my mind away. It is a good day to be alive and be grateful to witness it in whatever small way. It is “just a date” many will claim, but so what if it is just another dreary February day, it is a unique number that will not easily be forgotten.

I honoured the day by multiplying my plants, uprooting, dividing and repotting. I challenged myself not to buy new plants or soil, but to instead propagate what I already have, follow my instincts and re-use the soil that I have in all the other pots. In short, I uprooted all the dead vegetables outside and some unfortunate other plants that didn’t make it through the Berlin winter. Lo and behold, I ended up with a small bowl of small potatoes, usable spring onions, and even a thriving garlic plant. The bigger surprise, however, turned out to be the paprika plants which I had trimmed back in November and given up for dead. There were actually seven viable plants which I re-planted after trimming them even further back.

The ZZ plant (aka welcome plant or Zanzibar plant) had been struggling for a while so I decided to have a go and divide it up. This is one plant I have never propagated, and all the tips about planting the leaves in soil is hogwash. Getting to the root of the matter is far more efficient, and I now have five new pots! I also split up two varieties of orchids and planted geranium cuttings. My conservatory is very happy to have so many plant babies again.

Much to my dismay, when I checked the Feng Shui lunar calendar, it had the nerve to tell me that today was not a good day to grow plants. Hrmpf. Well too late, I did my gardening and just have to hope for the best.

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