Lady Tiffy Visits: Chapter 7

Cooooool cat ©FrogDiva Photography

Dear Blog Readers,
I had a bit of a low point last night and meowed a bit (just a bit) more than the usual non-stop meowbles. I suppose you could call it homesickness or separation anxiety, but whatever it is, I required even more hugs and cuddles, and sometimes even the baby wrap didn’t work so Human T pulled out the big guns.

First she played the Calming Music for Cats with Anxiety on YouTube for me (I have my own speaker), which is about 15 hours long. Lolita was on the bed too and conked out even faster than I did, I swear she is the chillest cat I have ever met! Only hunger will make her sit up and complain about something, but never noise or someone else’s tantrums. Anyway, I am told that the music has a very calming effect on humans as well, especially babies or cantankerous and menopausal adult humans.

Two Seniors ©FrogDiva Photography

After that I was given Gimcat Anti-Stress paste, which taste pretty much like my own yummy renal paste. No problem with that because it all happened before I could bat an eyelid and meow in protest. The paste was simply smeared on my lips and poof, I licked it all up. Sneaky! Apparently this is something that is always around the house for Cherry (who has major anxiety and depression issues), and someone called Champagne, another Persian diva who used to travel around with Human T a lot.

Last but not least I got rescue remedy drops rubbed on my ears, paws and forehead. Normally it goes into the water bowl, but experience has taught Human T that this particular method takes far too long to have any particular effect.

I must confess I made a booboo yesterday. I was offered a cosy cat bed to snuggle up in, strategically placed in the living room in a corner that is not too exposed. Technically it should have been the perfect place to settle down and just chill, but I hopped in and used it as a toilet instead. Oops.

So all in all I am pretty chill at the moment, giving my throat a much needed rest. I do miss my human family though, and don’t really understand why I have to live with this lot all of a sudden. I tried going out the door Dad left through the other day but wasn’t allowed to do so. Besides, I am not sure I would find my way home anyway.

Tah Tah Dahlings,

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