Lady Tiffy Visits: Chapter 2

Dear Blog Readers
The Cat Police has been on my tail the whole day. Cherry won’t leave me alone and has parked her fuzzy butt in my room. Whenever I move, she wakes up and shadows me. This has ruined her sleep pattern though and as a result, this evening she is super groggy, so I get to explore a bit more without her.

A matter of opinion ©FrogDiva Photography

First of all, I discovered that my head fits in the Spekulatius cookie container, which is not seen favourable upon around here, and neither is dipping my nose in coffee mugs. I do, however, like the cat water fountain they have, and decided that I like this better than the herbal tea I am given.

Now that 24 hours have passed since my arrival I have found my voice again and in true Berliner fashion, state my opinion on matters that do not concern me.
Whether it is on the timing of the service, the type of music, the room temperature, or the hanging of the laundry, I have something to say.

Last night I accepted pats and short cuddles before, during and after my tantrums. This evening I marched right up and demanded my cuddle time.
Somehow loud is not customary to the local residents around here. Lolita never has a voice, and she is so spaced out and deaf that she can’t even control her own volume, which is practically non-existent. Her mouth moves in meowment, but no sounds comes out, pretty much like humans when they use sign language. Cherry doesn’t say much either, and when she does she sounds like parrot who has been chain smoking for 20 years. So when I speak up, I am considered a chatterbox on full volume.

Tah Tah Dahlings,

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