So we had some guests…

Dear Human Blog Readers,
there are some customs that we felines will never fully understand, one being parties, and the other Halloween. I think parties and guests are a great thing, and thoroughly objected to being locked in the bedroom with Cherry and Lolita. We all wanted to join in the fun and check out the action but Mom was thoroughly against it, so we had to sit it out in the bedroom for four hours! What a travesty!

On the other hand, considering that the guests included a lot of small humans, we then figured that it was not such a bad thing to be isolated from them. Big humans we can all handle, but little humans we don’t, basically because they don’t know how to handle us either. And they don’t seem to come equipped with volume control. Cherry and Lolita have never experienced so many people in the house at one time, so they were happy to hide under the bed. I, on the other hand, sat by the door most of the time, hoping that it would magically open so I could join in the fun and games. Well what do you know, two little humans opened the door and let me out. They looked identical to one another, so I can’t really tell you who did what, but unfortunately my freedom was short-lived and Mom caught me in the kitchen. Darn!

The day after the Halloween party, however, was the real spooky part for me. I have a new vet, and a new shampoo to treat all the weird stuff on my skin. First thing this morning Mom dumped me in the bathtub and gives me a rub-down, a proper scrub to remove as much of the scales as possible. This shampoo has Chlorhexidine as the main ingredient, needed to get rid of the fungus and yeast infection. After that was all done I got a weird gel applied all over me before my fresh warm pyjamas got put on. It’s all very exhausting, and I spent most of the day wrapped up in a blanket cuddling with Mom.

Will keep you posted on how it all goes.
meowingly yours,

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