When recovering from emotional abuse, it is very difficult to learn to trust intentions again and you end up questioning everything, every move, and everything about yourself that you were falsely made to believe during the traumatic period. It is a painful experience to analyse the events again and realise put names to the circumstances, which, if left up to me, I would have just swallowed and moved on. But in order to heal, certain things must be faced and re-positioned in the proper perspective.

Permanent distance ©FrogDiva Photography

During this past week I have been showered with unbelievable acts of kindness and great affection, for which I am truly grateful and feel very blessed. Today, for example, what seemed to me was still the middle of the night, I received a text message from Manila from my dear soul sister. It being November 1, the day that most Catholics flock to the cemeteries to visit the graves, my dearest SG sent me a photograph of herself and her mother at my parents’ columbarium. They had so lovingly thought of Mommy and Daddy and brought flowers as well. Needless to say that I was in tears after that.

Then there are my wonderful, wonderful fellow photographers in the USA, Spain and the UK who have restored my faith in my work, making me see that I am truly not the incompetent fool that I was made to believe I was for the past 22 months and that my photography has soul. So I have picked myself up again with renewed courage and long-lost self-appreciation to launch my work back out into the world. Others have come to my side, and nudged me to reach for greater heights, urging me not to be afraid or overwhelmed of the competition or the hurdles ahead. Well gosh darn it, I am gunning for my first exhibit one year from now!

Today’s Gospel was the Beatitudes, THE essential bible passage for any Christian involved in social justice in one way or another. The main message here was loud and clear – seek the courage within you in order to find your purpose in life. It takes courage to heal, and great strength to embrace that purpose and pursue it. Kindness is indeed one of the most powerful medicines against trauma. Join the Kindness Matters campaign. #kindnessmatters in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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