Death to the Nincompoops!

Dear Human Blog Readers,
My job as a blogging cat is to tattletale on what the humans do or don´t do, whichever the case may be. Some days there are fun things to report, others, well, it is more like an existential implosion. As a cat diva, I demand certain comforts in life, air conditioning in summer and heating in winter being a few of them. The former is too expensive in Germany, so I settle for an electric fan and an open window in the evenings. If Mom would let me sleep out on the balcony I would, but I have a slight tendency to slip out and land on someone else´s balcony, thereby unintentionally terrorising the residents (human and feline alike).

©FrogDiva Photography

As I reported a couple of blogs ago, the temperatures dropped below normal (for autumn, that is) far too early, and most heating systems here are programmed to switch on by a certain date, not temperature. So I was miserable for 10 days, accepting any and all cuddles Mom offered just to warm me up. Keep in mind that I have lost all my fur and have to wear these silly pyjamas, but that still makes me shiver. Then by the grace of the Heavenly Sofa in the Sky, the heating was finally turned on on October 1 and we were all happy. Have I mentioned that I love floor heating?

The joy was short-lived, and as of Sunday we have had no heating or hot water.
I have trouble understanding humans on good days as it is, but when they choose to defy reason and logic, I give up. The nincompoop technicians had all summer to change the heating element in the building, which could have been done without a hitch since nobody needed it back then, and flowing hot water is a joke when the outside temperature hovers around 30C. But when the morning temperatures are only 2C and the water is ice-cold, and Mom has a cold already, we have serious issues with the world.

Thank goodness I don´t need my weekly bath yet, and Cherry and Lolita passed on theirs too. Mom, however, had to boil water in large pots, and poured it into the bathtub for hers. This will go on for three more days, unfortunately. Last night we all drifted into Mom´s room, which is a rare thing, because we each prefer to have a corner of the flat to ourselves. But cold is cold, and we like our warmth. Besides, it is our duty, well mine at least as an ESA, to comfort Mom. We four-pawed daughters take turns in snuggling up on her rocking chair.

Meowingly yours,

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