Meeting Molecule Man At Last

After having lived 2.5 years in Berlin, this is the first time I managed to visit Molecule Man with almost perfect weather. The first few visits were always with cloudy skies, rain or fog. Yesterday, finally, the constellation was absolutely perfect with the gorgeous autumn light.

Molecule Man ©FrogDiva Photography

The permanent art installation in the middle of the Spree River in East Berlin marks the convergence of the three city zones of Treptow, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. Designed by the American sculptor and artist Johnathan Borofsky, the piece is also a symbol of the unification of East and West Berlin. In addition, the location of the sculpture, if photographed at the right angle, also brings together two iconic Berlin landmarks – Molecule Man and the TV tower at the Alexanderplatz.

Berliner Icons ©FrogDiva Photography

To be honest, because of the oddly shot photographs I had seen before, I could have sworn there were only two Molecule Men, which made the East and West unification logical. Much to my surprise I discovered there are actually three Molecule men, so I suppose it represents not just unification of East and West Berlin, but also the rest of the world.

My walk began at the Treptowers (not a typo) which is an architectural wonder unto itself. Strolling along the promenade straight down to the Oberbaum Bridge is not physically possible, as you have to zig-zag along parallel lanes, but make for a fascinating discover walk nevertheless. Kreuzberg is not my stomping ground but there is so much to discover in this part of town. The greatest revelation of the day, however, was the row of bars and cafes along the canal called Freischwimmer. The entire place was unfortunately reserved so there was no chance to sit and enjoy the atmosphere.

Freischwimmer ©FrogDiva Photography

Returning to the starting point on the other side of the river from the Oberbaum Bridge provided me with a very different perspective. It also allows the photographers a full view of the Treptowers, home not only to Allianz but also certain divisions of the Federal Criminal Police (BKA). I caught the sunset light, but at night this is a fantastic photo opportunity, if you are blessed with the right weather.

Molecule Man Sunset ©FrogDiva Photography

Why molecules? According to Borofsky, these represent everything that comes together in our body and life and create our existence. Without molecules there would be no us.

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