Dirt to Ponder Upon

No, I don’t mean political or entertainment dirt on celebrities. The sermon during mass the other day gave me something to think about, and that is what I have indeed been doing for a few days.

Rising above the dirt ©FrogDiva Photography

Take a 50 EUR/ Pound/ Dollar/ Rupees / Bhat / Peso bill, in your hand, what do see? Exactly that, 50 of whatever currency you trade in. If it falls on the floor, does the value change? It may have just acquired more bacteria and some dirt, but no change in the basic vale.

Someone comes along before you can pick it up and steps on the bill. Does the value change? The bill is just dirtier, and perhaps you are less willing to pick it up without wrinkling up your nose, but it is still a 50-something bill.

This dirty bill has been taken into a mean bully’s hand and crumpled beyond recognition, but not torn. The value remains the same. Smoothen it out or place some heavy books over it and it will be recognisable again, but the value never changed.

In a similar manner, take a look at the lotus flower. It thrives in mud and dirty water. Yet, the perfection and the beauty it transforms into once it rises above the murky waters is ethereal. There are certain things in life where there is really no avoiding having to get down and dirty first before you can produce the thing of beauty and value you are aspiring for. Any cook, baker, artist, gardener or performer will confirm this. It is veritably impossible to to cook, bake or paint without getting your hands dirty, but the end result will surprise you and perhaps even bring joy to others. Dirt during the creation process is nothing to be afraid of as long as you don’t give up in the middle.

Regardless of what life throws at us, and no matter how outside forces try to destroy our appearance, our core value remains the same.
I am worth something,
am worthy of something good,
and I will damn well bounce back and prove that the dirt was the proof of where I have been.

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