Weekend Hoorah!

Dear Human Blog Readers,

My housemates and I absolutely love weekends simply because Mom is home for three days! She doesn’t work on Fridays, so our weekends begin on Thursday nights, which you will never hear us complain about. Except that for some reason Mom decides to to move things around the house on Fridays. Last week she turned everything around, decided to leave it for a week to decide whether we liked it or not (snort, more like to see whether she felt at home with the flow). Well, another week has passed and Mother dear moved things twice before the weekend, and today we watched in horror as she re-arranged the conservatory. I never know where I’m going to find my sleeping cave next. One moment it’s in my usual corner, I go for a drink and and snack and suddenly my cave is gone. I don’t mind hide-and-seek games but there are days when goes a bit too far.

From my pre-hairfall days ©FrogDiva Photography

What was a really pleasant change this week was that Mom gave me back exclusive Mommy-and-me time. I have missed that a lot, especially since I don’t get to go out with her that often anymore, what with my allergies and all. But she makes special time for me when Cherry and Lolita are somewhere else and we get to head bump and chat. Well, she talks and I listen supportively while she puts laundry away, fixes the room, or even just sorts out socks.

I have all sorts of new pyjamas to change into now and it is not such a bad thing. Today I am wearing pink ponies, and apparently tomorrow I change to yellow ducks. There is something very soothing about fresh, clean and soft pyjamas on my bare skin. Even my medicine seems to go down easily! Far less itchy spots!

For the past year or so Mom was a cat sitter for other families. She has her regular customers whom we have never met but she tells us about and shows pictures in the evening. I honestly wouldn’t mind meeting some of them, but I don’t think the feeling would be mutual. These Berliner cats don’t seem to be all that sociable. In any case, Mom was livid the other day when a potential new customer wrote in to ask whether she was available. Get this, she has six cats, wanted Mom to visit them twice a day, feed, play and pet them, AND clean the kitchen and bathroom as well, and vacuum for no additional fee. Gee, isn’t that something you human would normally ask a cleaning person to do and not a cat sitter? In any case, Mom got so mad she decided to cut back on the cat sitting from now on. Oh well, more time for us!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend ahead!
Meowingly yours,

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