Is it just me, or is the world going bonkers?

I don’t know about you, dear Reader, but I find it very distressing and disappointing to listen / read the news each morning now. Everywhere you turn or scroll there is chaos, complete and utter chaos. Places that used to hold beautiful memories for me are now shrouded in political unrest or devastated by some calamity. At the risk of sounding like an overused cliche, what is the world coming to?

Rebellion and disregard for rules ©FrogDiva Photography

In June of this year Germany launched the e-scooters for rent that can be found all over the city. All you need is the app and a credit card, and off you go. This was the rave during summer when the city was crawling with tourists, but then the residents realised what a looming disaster this was going to become. And it came to pass that people are enraged by the darn scooters, myself included, because they are left all over the place without rhyme or reason. There was no regulation for parking them at designates spots, nor where they are actually allowed to be driven. People drive them on the sidewalks, which shouldn’t be the case because they endanger the pedestrians. You don’t see them in the bike lanes, or rarely, and on the rare occasion you will find them on the street with the regular traffic. The city authorities are at a loss, and the local residents are furious, but is there anything being done? The handicapped and senior citizens on their walkers or wheelchairs are terrified now, because the darn e-scooters come zooming out of nowhere. Worst of all, is that they are left propped up against trees, doors, garbage bins, stoplights, or just knocked over, haplessly abandoned on the sidewalk.

Then there is the ever-increasing rudeness of the youth these days. The youth that doesn’t know how to say please and thank you. The ones that can’t detach themselves from their phones at the table – although, mind, you, they learn from the adults who can’t do so either. The ones that don’t understand the meaning of speaking discretely in a low voice, and the ones who are unbelievably insensitive on public transportation. Where are the young people who stop to help senior citizens across the street? The ones who observe traffic rules? I have been on a lot of buses these past two days and am absolutely horrified at the rudeness and callousness of all those under 18 that I have come across. What kind of parenting is going on now? What kind of irresponsible and careless adults are these people going to grow up to be? Is it too much to ask the youth of today to visit the sick and care for the elderly on their own initiative? I want a generation that cares about others, that serves the community, that is generous with time, affection, and effort.

It is days like these when I think the animals have the world figured out far better than us humans who are equipped with free will, morals, and supposedly higher intelligence. Just look at the governments around the world, and tell me this isn’t a bizarre time to be alive!

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