Emotional Support In All Ways

Dear Human Blog Readers,

One week into my strange new medicine (hemp oil), things are beginning to look up for me. For one, I have stopped itching like mad. I got a medicinal bath today and most of the old scabs fell off, which is a good thing. No new open wounds to report, and my appetite is solid, so much so that Granny Lolita has to bully her way through the food sometimes. The hair loss from my neck to my butt is almost complete and I resemble one of those hairless sphinx cats , but like I said, the itchiness has stopped and it seems, so has the hair fall.

New PJs and freshly bathed! ©FrogDiva Photography

At least I still have the dignity of my fluffy paws and head. Even the scab above my eyelid is healing nicely. For a while we were afraid I would turn into The Thing (from Fantastic Four), but thanks to the magic honey balm it has healed.

Now that the temperatures have dropped, however, I feel extra cold during the day and am actually rather glad that Mommy makes me wear these strange doggy pyjamas. She got me a few more so I can change frequently, and I like them much better than the onesies. I suppose I will have to wear them until my fur grows back, and who knows how long that will take! With winter coming around though, I don’t really fancy going out anyway, although I really do miss travelling with Mom.

I am an emotional support animal, and as such I take my duties seriously. So while Mom has to live with the pain of her fractured shoulder for the next 12 months, I support her solidly by keeping her company with my hair loss and skin problems. We are both convinced that we will heal at the same time. In the meantime, she takes the stress out on the treadmill and I on the scratching post.
Meowingly yours,

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