Saturday Grooves

Dear Human Blog Readers,
Yay! Mom returned last Monday and things have definitely improved around here! Much as we loved our cat sitter, Mom just does things EXACTLY the way we want them done and served! The sitter plays with us and feeds us as instructed, but we only get our quota of hugs and cuddles from Mom! We were very disappointed that she went back to work right away, but it is the weekend again and we have all been taking turns snuggling up to her.

I am too dignified to shamelessly ask for cuddles like my other two flatmates, but Mom knows what I need and when I need it. Other days it is the other way around and I can sense when she needs more attention from me.

Today we are all chilling out to relaxing cat music. Mom hasn’t played that for us in a long time. Lately we have been subjected to massive amounts of classical music, which is all fine and dandy but gets rather tiresome after a while. It seems that I am the only cultured one around here who likes jazz, both classic and mainstream, and will dabble in rock as well. But when Mom needs something to soothe her nerves, for whatever reason, we get this:

source: YouTube

You can tell the positive effects on Cherry in particular, who stopped howling to go out or prancing around the kitchen countertop. Lolita sleeps most of the day anyway, and so do I, but this type of music we can all agree on.

Mom is a writer, and she claims she can concentrate on what she is working on with this in the background. I find it isn’t bad as gardening music either, I get to indulge in a lovely loose soil spa! Unlike the human mud bath, I dispense with the water!

Wishing you all a great weekend ahead!
Meowingly yours,

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