When Soul Sisters Visit

My Soul Sisters around the world are fundamental to my well-being. Although we live in different countries and can never really plan our next meeting, we remain connected on all levels thanks to all the modern forms of communication. Whether it is a daily text message, a funny photograph or saying, someone always manages to brighten up my day.

©FrogDiva Photography

Phone calls are special, but visits even more so. Yesterday I had the privilege of spending time with one such Soul Sister who is in town for the briefest of times and managed to squeeze me into her busy schedule. Here’s the thing about my Soul Sisters: no need for fancy places or extraordinary preparations, it is the precious time together that matters, even if means sitting on the sidewalk. Since we are getting too old to sit on the sidewalk with paper cups and half empty bottles, we met at the train station instead, walked over to the beer garden (the weather was too gorgeous to spend the time indoors) and we shared food, drinks, laughter, and caught up on each others lives.

A stroll along the river taking the very long way around back to the train station provided us ample time to explore deeper issues. Then, a few meters before reaching the station we passed an open-air cafe / bar. It was the photographer’s blue hour already, and the buildings were lighting up. There was no possible way to let the opportunity pass, so we grabbed a table and photography was the furthest thing on my mind.

Note to self: the Brazilian Macho cocktail packs a punch. I probably should have gone with something gentler and more familiar, but the name caught my fancy and since I am not a coward, I decided to give it a try. Basically it is a variation of my favourite Caipirinha, but with less ice and more … well, more. The trip home was a bit of a blur and I was very happy to land safely.

The shattered pieces of my chaotic soul are always glued back together when a Soul Sister showers me with that treasured bond of unconditional love and friendship, hugging me with years of understanding that are familiar and comforting.

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