Battle of the Wills (Part 3)

Good evening dear Human Blog Readers,
it is finally time to announce the winner of the Battle of the Wills. I, Me, and Myself of course, who else? My stubborn, ehem, determined refusal to use the offending drinking fountain and my subsequent water strike drove Mommy to find another solution for me. She didn’t like me jumping on her lap while she sat on the toilet, and when she is out of the house, there is nobody around to open the tap for me.

and the winner is… ©FrogDiva Photography

Much to my delight, Mr. Postman rang the bell the other day with a package for me. I thought it was our monthly supply of cat food and litter, but it turned out to be a much smaller and lighter box. Mom got down to business right away and assembled the new contraption. It is a drinking fountain with a spout and a deep bowl, so the water circulates constantly and is always clean and fresh.

Day 1:
Not one of us felines came near it for the first few hours it was running .

Day 2:
It makes strange noises, but after about a day of ignoring the gorgeous water, I was thirsty, there was no water in the flower pots, and Mom wasn’t budging with the taps in the kitchen or the bathroom. So I decided to give the new watering hole a chance and pass a verdict.
I drank once.
Walked away.
Far too undignified for a diva to like anything immediately.

Day 3:
I drank a second time.
And a third.
Then happily peed a big puddle on my diaper.
Cherry and I like it, and she likes the other one as well. Granny Lolita can’t figure either one of them out.

Meowingly yours,

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