I Will Always Crave the Sea

Being a curious person, always hungry for new inspirations and challenges, I don’t mind getting into a fix from time to time. Life is too short to be stuck in one place and be weighed down by obligations. I can’t let the tax office, healthcare services, citizenship rules and regulations, cost of real estate, or the insurance companies run my life. No way! They work for me and I will jolly well enjoy life on my terms. Well, this is what I have learned thus far, after being an obedient and submissive resident in whatever country. Enough! There are places on my list that I want to start discovering, and I refuse to wait until retirement. If only money grew on trees or sprouted overnight from pots …

Normally I don’t fall for social media trends, but when it comes to astrology and the occult, I will admit to a genuine curiosity that I have carried with me since childhood, in spite of my very religious upbringing. There is hardly a day that goes by without checking my horoscope (western and Chinese!) and will even indulge in a Tarot card reading when offered. When the news broke recently about a new App called The Pattern and Channing Tatum’s video going viral, my interest was piqued.

In order for The Pattern to really work for you, your time of birth is essential, otherwise you will get a very different reading. The more accurate you are, the more precise the life patterns that will be given to you. I have no idea what algorithm was used to program this app, but it is eerily accurate and you will find yourself wanting to throw the phone against the wall because of some of the truths the app describes you with. It is not a fortune telling method that looks into the future, but rather something that points you towards the right direction inwards in order for you to handle the rest of the world better. Sounds twisted and a bit like a generous dose of psychobabble, but worth the effort even for a few days. Even Newsweek was curious!

The Pattern got me thinking about a lot of things, one of them being exploring my recent debacle with paragliding. Will I return to the sky adventures? Of course, but truth be told, I need to bring back equilibrium to my soul by returning to the sea. I know the saying is “the sky is the limit” but in order for me to handle myself and the world again, the dichotomy of light and shadow over water remind me that life can be good.

NB: The Pattern is currently available only for iOS devices and as far as I can tell, only in English.

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