Milestones: FrogDiva Photography Website Revamped

Change is constant, whether it be for the better or for worse. I’ve had enough rough spots in my life the past years and I am all about making positive changes, even though the adjustment pains are never easy. The important thing is to move forward and build something up that I can claim as my own.

I began the day with the thrilling news of the publication of my first author interview. I always believe in silver linings and angels, and the timing could not have been better! Milestones are meant to be built upon, and that is what this whole process is all about, an affirmation that the risks I took were worth it.

There are two passions in my life, writing and photography. In the beginning they were inseparable forms of expression and prayer for me, but over the years both have taken on separate lives, and developed in unexpected dimensions. The re-structuring of the photography website is something I have been working on the past months, with a lot of trial and error. I am grateful for the constructive feedback, encouragement and support of my photography buddies around the world.

FrogDiva Photography and Through Frog Eyes are officially registered names and sites in Germany as of last week. The Tax Office made sure of it, as did my accountant and lawyer! A far cry from the says of simply uploading the photographs for fun on photography communities! Click HERE to enter, and before you click on the welcome page links to access the galleries, please take a minute to watch the mini slideshow.

FrogDiva Photography is and always will be a dichotomy of selfishness and selflessness that seek depth in interwoven light and shadows. If you seek technical perfection in my photographs, you will be terribly disappointed, for I harbour an utter disdain to center anything in the image other than my own emotions, and consider the Rule of Thirds as a mere suggestion. 

Digital manipulation is not something I look kindly upon, and apply it only to enhance minor technicalities of the RAW photographs. NONE of the images found in the galleries are collages or composites.

What I see is what you get, pure and simple. 


  1. How exciting for your first published authorship interview and revamp of your site! I just revamped mine and I’m still not sure how to morph it into what I want. Great photos btw!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to drop in and have a look at the website! Appreciate it a ton. It took me over a year of experimentation with different layouts to finally configure what I wanted, but watch me change it again in three months! Best regards

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