Bumpy Roads with Angels

Road to Recovery ©FrogDiva Photography

My previous entry was all about the beginning of my road to recovery. Well, it has been a bumpy road thus far, depriving me of sleep and fully immersing me in physical challenges. It is a good thing I have a very high threshold for pain and manage to hold off taking pain killers, as recommended by the orthopaedist and the physiotherapist. At this rate I will turn out to be pure masochist!

Kidding aside, even though I don’t use the sling at home, it is very difficult to get things done. Showering with one arm (because the other one can’t be raised beyond 90 degrees) is bad enough, but I also discovered that cooking is a real pain. I had all these wonderful plans to bake and experiment with a few new veggie recipes but it is sheer torture to chop anything.

My daughter is currently travelling abroad, so it is just me and the cats for now. I lay away on most nights, either in tears of frustration and pain, or never-ending restlessness. The ban on taking public transportation has hit me hard, and it doesn’t help that the current weather in Berlin is utterly depressing. Thank goodness for supermarket delivery services!

In spite of the pain and frustration, I have every reason to be grateful. From the moment I had the accident I have not been left alone to my own devices. My best friend stood by me in the ER, keeping me grounded while I tried to figure out up from down. Upon my return to Berlin, my neighbours have rallied around me, bringing food almost on a daily basis, offering to go shopping, and even throw my garbage! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I have the best neighbours in the world!

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