Milestones: FrogDiva Digital Changes

It has been a very busy but productive week here at FrogDiva Headquarters. I believe in making the necessary changes when the time is right, no matter how painful or work-intensive they may be, and that moment has come. As I develop all the paths before me, the long-term visions that have emerged will hopefully lead to fruition. So for all the faithful followers of FrogDiva Thoughts, this is what has changed thus far:

TravelCat Diva: Champagne Trails – the cats, especially Champagne, now have their own sassy blog. Starting this week, the new entries are written from the feline perspective, giving the girls a voice. You can now follow the Champagne Trails, Lolita Bonita and Cherry Pie series on the new platform. The idea here is for the site to be more interactive among animal rescue societies and emotional support animal groups. The common denominator among all three ladies is that they are rescue cats, having survived one trauma or another. Champagne, as you well know by now, is a certified ESA, and this alone deserves a new dimension.

Marie Balustrade finally has her own author website dedicated to writing, linguistics and literary escapades. All news and developments pertaining to the current and upcoming publications will be featured there. This also makes it easier for the various writers and author platforms to follow Marie Balustrade and not get lost in the jumbled sea of FrogDiva Thoughts.

FrogDiva Photography has not moved, but has been revamped conceptually. The cat stories have been taken down, and new themes are now in the spotlight. I have to admit that I am undergoing a bit of a photography crisis at the moment, and am struggling to overcome it. The scales have tipped in favour of the written medium, but I will find my way back eventually. Perspectives, after all, do change and that is part of the life journey.

FrogDiva Thoughts, where you are now, got a major face lift. The cat stories have been weeded out, as well as all writer-related entries, all of which have been exported to the respective new sites. I am not a fan, as you know, of the other social platforms, but marketing needs have pushed me to be active on Twitter (FrogDiva) and Facebook (Marie Balustrade) for maximum exposure. Instagram I gave up completely, both for FrogDiva Photography and the Champagne Trails. How do I manage not to trip over my own feet? Except for the photography, everything is run from WordPress, three individual sites and URLs, individual pages where needed, but one parent account. So when writing, it is just a matter of clicking back and forth. It takes a bit of practice, and I do not recommend it to the impatient ones out there, but I enjoy it. Everything is linked to Facebook and Twitter, so there is no need to upload anything there separately, since the posts appear automatically.

So it is up to you, dear reader, to choose. It goes without saying that you are most welcome to follow all the sites, but I know many of you prefer not to read about cats nor do some you care much about photography. In any case, I wish you Happy Reading!

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